I'm on Spotify! Here ya go!


'The Cloven Ips' is now LIVE on iTunes! Check it out!


You can stream the new album The Cloven Ips on my soundcloud page, or on bandcamp. You can also download the tracks individually there as well. Thanks everyone


Bio: Breton Parks is a multi-instrumentalist, solo artist hailing from Littleton, Colorado. In 2011, Breton released his first album 'Whelk', which was featured on and various other blog sites. On January 12th, 2013, Breton Parks released the follow up album, 'The Cloven Ips' which tapped even deeper into his 90's infused sound.


Download The Cloven Ips from 2013 here:

Breton Parks - The Cloven Ips [2013]

Download Whelk  from 2011 here:

Breton Parks - Whelk [2011]


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